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You seem to know 'whats up' so lets try and get this board going!

Start a breakbeat debate mate!!

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Erm... surely you know what's up better than I do. You're a bloody breaks DJ for a start! I'm in Australia and it's like being back in 2000 here...

Funky Dung

"It's in the saaand"

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FD - man you've got an embarrasment of riches over there making some incredible breaks :

Luke Chable, Andy Page, Phil K, NuBreed, Kid Kenobi, Dirty Fours . . .  and one of the best tunes I heard last year was by Infusion (Dead Souls) so here's hoping they do some more breaks stuff as well . . .

what do you Aussies put in the water ?!

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indeed Australia and the US are coming out with sum of the best breaks in the that list of Ozzies I would add Gab Oliver (Precision)...cant wait to play White Man in the star bar on thurs....massive trackl

as for the debate thing FD, im always trying to stir this board up so wanted someone else too...will do on a separate post tho.