Topic: brsk008: k-beatz - rock2night / magic moon

Artist: K-Beatz
Title: Rock2Night / Magic Moon
Label: Records
Cat Number: BRSK008
Genre: Breaks
Release Date: 1st february 2011 Beatport (2 weeks exclusive)
15st february Other shops

FULL PREVIEWS: … n-brsk008/

BEATPORT LINK: … tyId=16711


Thanks for sending these over, really enjoying both mixes smile

KULTUR + COLOMBO (Metamorph Masterpieces Show, Kultura Breakz)  (SPAIN)
Favourite Track : K-BEATZ : Rock2night (ANDY FAZE remix) / Magic Moon (ONE
OF BRA remix)
Rating: 4/5
Cool release on The remixes are our favourites. The Andy
Faze remix is a progressive Tech-Breaks full of psy influences...
awesome! The One Of Bra remix is also a progressive take of the tune,
but with some dirty synths. Support from our Metamorph Masterpieces show
(Mixcloud) in the next weeks and also in our live sets.

PALE PENGUIN (VIM Records Label Manager)  (GREECE)
Beautiful original tunes and EXCELLENT remixes....i love them BOTH and
i'll chart them for sure....

DIGIBOX (VIM, Raveart, Dirty Drop Rec)  (UK)
Hi Macho!
Rock 2 Night original is a cool tune with a wicked remix from Andy Faze !
Top intro on the Magic Moon track.Really like the One of Bra Remix at
around 3,40.Great.
Nice one K-beatz.Top release from Breaks SK!! smile

EVILKEG.CO.UK (NSB Radio, Brap FM)  (UK)

If your idea of a romantic night out is getting your head down in a dark
dingy club while you cut a rug to some rather shifty techy breaks, then
K-Beat's latest offering Rock2night / Magic Moon on Slovakian label is going to be right up your alley.

Rock2Night has a rather funky broken distored bassline and melody that had
me entranced from the start. It's remix by Andy Faze is a lot more techy,
and kinda goes off in a nice tangent in the middle... something tunes should
do more of IMVHO. Magic Moon is good, but this is the stand out track if you
ask me.  8/10

DARKFLOOR.CO.UK - MANTIS radio show at Future Music.  (UK)
Liking the way Magic Moon (original) builds.

HOME ALONE (Big Square Records, Dusted Breaks, VIM, Dead Famous Records
...)   (UK)
Hi Macho
thanks for sending the promo.
Very nice, i'm really liking it. The original Rock2Night is really cool
with a slight hint of Prodigy-esque sound. Really digging Andy Faze remix.
Magic Moon is good too and also the One Of Bra Remix who brings up the
melody a bit.
Great release again mate. All the best for 2011!