Topic: Kovacs "Nanobots" + Ilya Mosolov, Curl & Dean, Benjamin Vial RMX

Kovacs - Nanobots
Original + Ilya Mosolov, Curl & Dean, Benjamin Vial Remixes
Catalog: SCAR18
Release date: November 15th, 2010
Label: Scarcity Records ( )

Clodhoppa (AKA Kovacs) found dance music under a manky tarpaulin on a railway embankment in the early 90's. As certain tunes grew and took shape, it was clear another avenue was needed. Kovacs was born, making breaks with big bass and usually an acid line or two. Add some influences from jungle, funk, hip hop and house and you get the Kovacs sound, big warm bass, laid back ambient twists and stripped down drums.
Nanobots is dealing out beats, breaks and depth.
With a deep wobbly bass, nice glassy melodies, soft pads and very sweet atmosphere Kovacs turned this tune into a progressive monster.
Ilya Mosolov treats us to an uplifting, driving breaks mix full of major chords and proggy sounds, Curl & Dean roll out what is becoming a trademeark sound for them, a sort of clipped, deep energy full of layers and interest.
Finally Benjamin Vial steps in with sturdy tech-house wonk, delivering a head down big room stomper!


Some reactions:
EK (Dead Famous, AUS) - "Wicked mixes all round. I think my favourite is the Benjamin Vial Rmx but they are all very good"
Kickflip - "Nice chilled stuff, Original and Curl & Dean Remix hitting the mark here!"
Ways & Means (Bombtraxx, Dusted Breaks) - "Really like the Original and loving the Benjamin Vial Remix"
Ian "Daniella Downs" (Dead Famous) - "I dig both the Original and the Curl & Dean one def. Phil's has a deeper groove while Curl & Dean, who's stuff I am liking more and more definitely is peak hour outdoors trancey greatness!"
Ghettface (Ridiculoud Rec) - "The Curl and Dean Remix is cool, especially the second half."
Kultur + Colombo (Metamorph Muzik / Kultura Breakz) - "Cool release of Scarcity recordings. The Curl & Dean remix is a surrounding progressive Breaks take of the tune. The original mix and the Ilya Mosolov remix are already in our bag. Support in our Metamorph Masterpieces show (Mixcloud) in the next weeks and also in our live sets. (4/5)"
Pale Penguin (VIM Records) - "Curl & Dean all over!!!"
Fisso & Spark (Dead Famous) -"Original and Curl and Dean Remix are my favourites!"


To find out more about Scarcity and the artists involved and to get some free stuff please follow these links:

We really hope you like this one

Re: Kovacs "Nanobots" + Ilya Mosolov, Curl & Dean, Benjamin Vial RMX

Featured release and with a big fat banner behind looks sweet sitting there on the main page of breaks on Beatport

The Benjamin Vial Remix charted #1 on Beatport 10 Must Hear Tracks this week
Sweet !!!



Re: Kovacs "Nanobots" + Ilya Mosolov, Curl & Dean, Benjamin Vial RMX

Thanks for the post.

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Thank you for posting. It is really a nice work and great choice of yours. I like your work and really impressed by it.

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Re: Kovacs "Nanobots" + Ilya Mosolov, Curl & Dean, Benjamin Vial RMX

Thanks for the post buddy smile great work really is keep it up

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