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The series of articles on the Kiss100 shows continues with 003 :

John Digweed Kiss100 : Show 003

01. Sven Väth - My Name is Barbarella (Deep Dish Armageddon Breakdown Remix) [Club Culture | B035632-01]
02. Cevin Fisher feat. Sheila Smith - Love You Some More (Steve Lawler's Flight To Atlanta Mix) [Subversive | SUB68T]
03. Mandalay - Not Seventeen (Futureshock Alternate Mix) [V2 Records, Inc. | VVR5014156P]
04. Mystic Friends - Night Creatures (M.I.K.E. Remix) [Tripomatic | UK MAT04]
05. Frank Brook - Nightwalker [Premier Sounds | PREMIER 001]
06. Polarity - Subdued [Miracle Records | MIR007]
07. Joshua Ryan - Pistolwhip (Way Out West Remix) [NuLife Recordings | NUX16]
08. Humate - Choose Life (Trancesetters Mix) [Superstition | UK SUK002L]

Show 003 : Timeline

This show went to air on 15th September 2000 after a fabric appearance the previous weekend

Show 003 : The producers, labels and the music

01. Sven Väth - My Name is Barbarella (Deep Dish Armageddon Breakdown Remix) [Club Culture | B035632-01]
Released: 2000 (exact date unknown) Written By: Ralf Hildenbeutel, Sven Väth

Ralf Hildenbeutel is musician, composer, producer and labelowner. Through his classical education in piano and composing at the age of nine he became quite early familiar with composers such as Debussy, Bach, Chopin and Satie.

In the 90's he produced the albums of Sven Väth on the legendary Eye-Q label, made an endless number of remixes for artists such as Anne Clark, Robert Palmer or Yello. 1997 was the time of new directions. With the production team "Schallbau" he became one of the most succesful producers in Germany with productions and co-writes for artists such as Laith Al-Deen (5 gold albums incl 4 top ten) and Yvonne Catterfield (4 gold/platinum albums).

During his stayings in London between '03 and '06 he succesful did production and co-writings for internatinal artists and projects. In the meantime he worked regularly on several scores (Mondscheintarif, Be.Angeled, Reine Formsache...). In 2008 he founded his own label "Rebecca & Nathan" . The platform where he can combine electronical and acoustic music as an artist or producer and where he develops artists such as Cargo City. Ralf Hildenbeutel has been awarded with the VIVA Comet as best producer and as well with the Goldmedal Award for score on the New York Film festivals.

02. Cevin Fisher feat. Sheila Smith - Love You Some More (Steve Lawler's Flight To Atlanta Mix) [Subversive | SUB68T]
Released: 2000 (exact date unknown) Written By: Kevin Fisher Vocals; Sheila Smith

Born in East Orange, New Jersey, Cevin Fisher is a respected & prolific master house producers who was inspired to start DJing by watching his heroes Tony Humphries, Larry Levan and Francois K. At 16 he picked up his first gigs at loft parties and college one-offs before finally getting his first regular break as a warm-up for Zanzibar resident Larry Paterson on Friday nights a year later.

After that Cevin went to work in the top recording studios in New York, sharpening his skills in production work for Timmy Regisford of Motown Records alongside future electro-Don & mainstream producer Arthur Baker at Shakedown Studios, where he delivered remixes for Chaka Khan's "Love You All My Lifetime" and Quincy Jones' "I'll Be Good To You", both of which subsequently went to number one on the US Billboard Dance Chart.

From 1993 to 1995 Cevin teamed up with Cliff St.-Cyr, one of originators of the NYC house scene. They created classic anthems like “House is a Feeling,” "Hands On Love," and “Sweet in the Morning” under several monikers and all released on the legendary Hardtrax label. Seeing how huge these tracks were, Strictly Rhythm was quickly on the case, licensing and re-releasing all three to bring them to the widest audience possible. Cevin also worked with several other collaborators for tracks on Hardtrax, Nervous and other noted labels.

“During the summer of 1995, I bumped into Danny Tenaglia on 21st street. We talked for a while about our productions and I told him how I didn’t feel I was reaching my full potential. It was a heavy conversation. Danny said ‘Go out on your own, you can make it on your own!’ and sent me on my way. I got in my car and I was heading home through the midtown tunnel and saw a billboard that said ‘Find Your Own Road’ – that really hit me… and I went home inspired to create.”

That very night Cevin created "The Way We Used To" and “Check This Out” – the first tracks he released as Cevin Fisher – and the rest is history.

Cevin continued to release tracks on Maxi, Nervous, Ministry of Sound and Subversive. Cevin’s next breakout hit was “Women Beat their Men” which rocked every type of dance floor being played by everyone from Junior Vasquez to Juan Atkins to Louie Vega to Roger Sanchez. The world was now on notice that Cevin was going to be a major force for years to come.

Cevin also featured on Satoshi Tomiie's 1998 neo-progressive front runner 'Darkness' [INCredible | INCRL9]

“Music Saved My Life” came next… captivating and capturing the feelings of the dance music community. DJs across the world featured it in their record box – Sasha & Digweed, Carl Cox, David Morales, Sven Vath, Louie Vega, Danny Tenaglia and more. The track was unforgettable and Cevin was establishing himself as a consistent chart topper and hit maker. Meanwhile Cevin toured, DJing in the world’s top venues including Twilo in NYC, Ministry of Sound in London, Angel’s of Love in Italy, Groovejet Miami and on and on.

03. Mandalay - Not Seventeen (Futureshock Alternate Mix) [V2 Records, Inc. | VVR5014156P]
Released: 2000 (exact date unknown) Written By: Nicola Hitchcock, Saul Freeman

Mandalay was a short lived project that defined their genre as 'ambient pop' with a cross over to trip-hop. Their music spoke to listeners hearts with its sheer beauty with Saul Freeman's production and sampling complementing the songwriting and singing talent of Nicola Hitchcock. Her floating wide-ranged vibrato was an integral part of Saul's fragile music environments.

Charlie May's remix of Deep Love (Charlie May Remix) [V2 Records, Inc. | VVR5012336] appeared on John Digweed's MMII and Dave Seaman's Global Underground 016: Cape Town.

Due to professional and musical differences Mandalay officially split in November 2001

04. Mystic Friends - Night Creatures (M.I.K.E. Remix) [Tripomatic | UK MAT04]
Released: 2000 (exact date unknown) Written By: Dirk 'M.I.K.E.' Dierickx & Ziv Shalit

Mystic Friends was a one of partnership spawning one track with a remix by each of it's producers.

In contrast M.I.K.E. has been a prolfic releaser of productions and remixes since 1997, with his most high profile of aliases being Push - whose tracks, including the classic anthem "Universal Nation"and remixes have been a feature of countless trance compilations.

Night Creatures also features on Diggers' classic Club Complex Code クラブの複雑なコード set which was aired a few weeks later. Evidence that the track's on John's shows form part of his current record box and are played out live.

05. Frank Brook - Nightwalker [Premier Sounds | PREMIER 001]
Released: 13 Sep 2001 Written By: Frank Eikam, Frank (Brook) Orbeck

Frank Brook released 5 tracks on German label Underworld Recordings between 2001 and 2004, more recently remixing under the name Frank Eikam and alias La Forge.

Nightwalker had an initial 2000 release on UK label Premier Sounds [PREMIER 001] before a wider release on German Underworld imprint. It also features on Club Complex Code クラブの複雑なコード.

06. Polarity - Subdued [Miracle Records | MIR007]
Released: Feb 2001 Written By: Irma Van Dijk, Mirko van Dommelen

'Subdued' appeared on compilations for Luke Slater (Fear And Loathing) and Seb Fontaine (Global Underground Prototype 4) and their track 'Feeling' is on Dave Seaman's Global Underground 012: Buenos Aires.

Mirko van Dommelen has had many releases as M.I.R.K.O alongside Michael De Hey and is also part of Classified Project with Nic Vegter - with their Resurrection (Subculture Relaxation Mix) featuring on Sasha's Global Underground 009: San Francisco and Phenomenon appearing on Nick Warren's Global Underground 011: Budapest

07. Joshua Ryan - Pistolwhip (Way Out West Remix) [NuLife Recordings | NUX16]
Released: 22 Jan 2001 Written By: Joshua Ryan

Joshua Topolsky (stage name Joshua Ryan) is an American record producer, drummer, DJ, and until March 2011 was the editor-in-chief of the technology blog Engadget. Ryan's tracks have been included on several gold certified compilation albums. Most notably, his tracks have been licensed by Palm Pictures, Moonshine Music, Ministry of Sound and Sony Music Entertainment (UK). In 1999, Fragrant Records released his single 'Pistolwhip', which was re-released on NuLife Recordings in 2001 and reached #29 in the UK Singles Chart.

Pistolwhip is one of those tracks that was taken to another level with it's remixes - the James Holden remix was caned by Sasha.

08. Humate - Choose Life (Trancesetters Mix) [Superstition | UK SUK002L]
Released: 2000 (exact date unknown) Written By: Patrick Kjonberg & Gerret Frerichs

Humate are German record producer Patrick Kjonberg & Gerret Frerichs who has released singles with record labels such as MFS, Superstition, Platipus & Deviant, with their work has been featured on many compilation albums including the Global Underground and Cafe Del Mar series (Vol Seis with 3.2 - Bedrock Ambient Mix).

Crucially Humate's work featured on all three of Sasha & John Digweed's Northern Exposure series:

Northern Exposure 1 (Humate / Rabbit In The Moon : East - Opium Den Mix)
Northern Exposure 2 (3.2)
Northern Exposure 3 (Love Stimulation - Oliver Lieb's Softmix)
plus Communicate (Humate's classic remix of Schiller – Ruhe).

The track 3.2 was also given the Digweed & Muir Bedrock remix treatment.

Oliver Huntemann is also former members of Humate. The single 'Love Stimulation' peaked at #18 in the UK Singles Chart, in January 1999.

Trancesetters are the underrated producers from Holland established as a project from Gaston Steenkist & Alex Dijksterhuis (aka Jamez & Dobre). Their classic progressive track 'Roaches' was a highlight of Communicate and went down a storm at the Bedrock 10th Birthday party.

Show 003 : Guest Mix from DJ Remy

Live at Bedrock (Heaven, London)

01. Unknown
02. Unknown
03. Parks & Wilson - My Orbit (Oblique Strategies Mix) (Feel The Drums E.P.) [Hooj Choons | HOOJ099]
04. Unknown
05. Sander Kleinenberg - Slipper Sleaze (4 Seasons EP : Part 2 Of 3) [Combined Forces | CF 029]
06. Slickmick - The Runner [Miracle Records | MIR-006]
07. Unknown
08. Unknown
09. Dejure - Do You Believe? (Christian West Main Mix) [Spot On Records | SPOT 37]

DJ Remy Bio

A unique blend of textures and waves of pure energy is what flows through your mind and body when listening to Remy. It is sheer pleasure. And for those who have not had the opportunity to hear his sound, you have certainly been missing half of your life. For a man with a calm and to some, even a shy demeanour, the power and respect he demands while he's behind the decks is total and consuming.

Born in The Hague, the Netherlands, Remy was bitten by the music bug in the summer of 1990. A dark murky club, lustrous lights, that thumping base, and a strange but curiously intoxicating fusion of high, medium, and low frequencies was all it took for Remy to make a sudden change of career, and a decision he has never regretted making since.

He bought his own DJ set after that summer. Eventually he gained residency at all Silly Symphonies events in Holland. The Amsterdam based club RoXY soon recognized his talent and introduced Remy to a larger crowd every Saturday night. Remy has since been found at John Digweed's Bedrock nights in London as well as those famous Twilo nights in New York aside from playing all over the world. He never ceases to amaze his fans and crowds with his impeccable choice of records and flawless, tight mixing. Receiving an award from the Dutch Awards as Best DJ consecutively for 2001 and 2002, proves exactly that.

"I like to play a variety of sounds from tech-house, to techno, To English progressive, to trance. For me, the most important aspect in a record as well as a DJ set is the flow of energy in the music. The real challenge is to play for a certain type of crowd, be it techno or progressive and have them enjoying another sound without realizing that style of music has changed."

Since the summer of 90', Remy's passion for music has only intensified. Since then, he has launched a slew of record labels such as WONKA, 'Global Cuts' together with Belgian DJ/producer Sven van Hees (with whom Remy also produced the classic “Piano Power” tune) AREA CODE 070 (the phone area code of Remy's residence The Hague), and of course TASTE RECORDINGS. Similarly, he has released a number of singles that have received international recognition. To name a couple, 'Mess With Da Bull' was featured on Sasha & Digweed's 'Northern Exposure Expeditions' compilation, and 'Backstabber' (DJ Remy) can be found on the Renaissance-CD by Dave Seaman. Recent releases of Remy include 'Pumped Up' (DJ Remy) and 'Spotlight' (RR Workshop).

In 2003, Remy released his first album BANG! including the massive club Tunes “Scrambled” and “Dustsucker”. In 2004, Remy released together with Roland Klinkenberg his several tracks like “Fearless” and “Till Ya Drop” on the Electronic Elements imprint from Armada Music. Not without success. “Till Ya Drop” became one of the biggest club records from 2004.

In 2005 Remy has performed all over the world at popular clubs/events like DanceValley, Extrema, Crobar/Spirit - New York, Fur – Washington, Ageha –Tokyo, Godskitchen, Turnmills, Guvernment – Toronto, Amnesia – Ibiza to mention a few. It’s also the year in which Remy collaborates with Armin van Buuren and Roland Klinkenberg. Together they produced “Bounce Back”, which can also be found on the Armin van Buuren album.

Now, in 2006, Remy will start his new and own 68 (Remy’s year of birth) Recordings together with Armada Music. The first release on the label with be by the man himself. A two track EP including the dark pounding techno tunes “Crackdown” and “Nasty Ho”. Second release is made together with his friend Roland Klinkenberg. 68 Recordings will reflect the sound from Remy which you can find in his DJ sets. Next to his own productions you will find Remy favourites on this imprint.


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Files here:

Hour 1 : John Digweed

Hour 2 : DJ Remy

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Thanks for sharing this latest show. The DJ Remy mix looks good - Slipper Sleaze is a brilliant track and I used to cane My Orbit!

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Jez wrote:

Thanks for sharing this latest show. The DJ Remy mix looks good - Slipper Sleaze is a brilliant track and I used to cane My Orbit!

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