Topic: DSUK025 | Andrew Philippov - Space Ocean Remix EP

DSUK025 | Andrew Philippov - Space Ocean Remix EP

Earlier in the year, we released a beautiful, melodic breaks EP
"Space Ocean" by Russian producer Andrew Philippov. We liked
it so much that we wanted to invite some people to remix each
track to give their own, unique interpretation. Fellow Russian
producer Affective gives his own spin on the track with his
trademark twisted basslines, melodic synth stabs and snappy
edits. We're also pleased to present UK producer Bobalino's
(one half of Curl & Dean) first solo effort and what a beauty it
is - deep, throbbing bass with gorgeous swirling melodies that
build and build, we're hopeful it will be the first of many! Finally,
UK producer Duane Barry is drafted in to complete the EP with
some sci-fi inspired synths and droning bass. A perfect soundtrack
to your summer!


1. Silver Lining (Affective Remix)
2. Space Ocean (Bobalino Remix)
3. Contact (Duane Barry Remix)


This release is OUT NOW at all your favourite download stores:

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See you soon!

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Re: DSUK025 | Andrew Philippov - Space Ocean Remix EP

Hi ,

Thanks for share it . I just enjoy some track , its amazing .
Thanks a ton.
By the way Space Ocean (Bobalino Remix) better than other.

Do you have more .

Re: DSUK025 | Andrew Philippov - Space Ocean Remix EP

Sure we have more smile Thanks for your feedback, mate!