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Right. It's this boy that made me throw myself into breaks - heard some mix he did a few years back, probably an Essential, with Hip Hop Phenomenon on it and my ears immediately p.ricked up. That tune - and the other stuff he was playing - was like a big, exciting slap in the face.

To me he seems to be the man who's always taking breaks in the directions I want to hear them go in terms of DJing, production and the stuff he gets on Marine Parade. And I've met him a few times and he's a flipping lovely man too (oh dear. I'm starting sound a bit gay here...).

Anyway. He's got an album coming out. What are people's thoughts? Who's heard bits? Am I right to hold him in such high esteem? Do I sound a bit gay?

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By the way, the main reason I'm excited about the album is because of the version of 'Fear' that he did for the Sega game 'Rez' (on PS2 and Dreamcast). It's ace. I've heard him play the finished version of the track out but it sounded quite different to me. If you've got a PS2 or Dreamcast, track down the game. It really is very good, and the last level is a fackin trip!

He did another mix of the tune for the Japanese soundtrack album (which I got sent to me by the game's creator, cos I'm cool). It's a bit different again - still not as cool as the in-game one though. Someone's put it here if you want to listen: … c/rez3.mp3

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the label has a wicked website too.

got some goodies to download too smile

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. . . is defo the Don.

Two things made me go full circle to Breaks. The first cd of Northern Exposure 2 and the first Coastal Breaks. Interesting really as I seem to recall that Freeland was a big Sasha fan when he started DJing.

It was Freeland that switched my focus to  breaks - not Rennie Pilgrem or anyone else - just a more melodic breaks sound. Hooked.

Gutted that Tsunami One bit the dust because him and Beber were an incredible team (and Beber's subsequent stuff falls well short for me). The label is superb (testified by the forthcoming 'Dead Souls' - which I;ve mentioned about 20 times in this forum) and every remix I've heard Freeland do I've loved - Chase The Sun & Pressue Drop especially. [/img]

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i agree. the man is something else. I heard some of the album tracks at sankeys the other week and they were pure quality. Life and Supernatural thang...jesus. Really, really good.

his programming,mixing and tunes were all class and for someone so high up in breaks he was a really top bloke. He's been a bit of a hero of mine since i heard that Down track he did with Beber 6 years ago and stuff like HHP, Chase the Sun and the Pressure Drop mixes hes done are some of the best breaks tracks you'll hear.

Respect due.


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There's only one Adam Freeland. Haven't heard anyone else playing like him. He really mixed it up the last time I saw him (@fabriclive), playing some head-bangy stuff alongside the usual deep groovy stuff.

His label is so consistently good as well- i've got more Marine Parade records than any other label (at very reasonable prices sraight off the website I might add)

And he's scweeter than Strawberry Cheesecake Hagen Daz too!



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seems to always be playing (and now producing) exactly what i want to hear, without me actually knowing it myself, if u know what i'm on about...

check out new mp3 mix on MP site - his new pressure drop mix is the damnedest best thing at the moment.

i must've heard about five or six tracks off his album - all totally different sounds, all genius.

is it march 5th yet?