Topic: DSUK032 | Journeyman & BARRcode - Broken Chord

DSUK032 | Journeyman & BARRcode - Broken Chord

With their third outing on DSUK, we are very pleased to present a new track from breaks duo Journeyman & BARRcode. The Original Mix is flavoured with nods to the hands-in-the-air old skool sounds - classic swirling synths and lush atmospheres coupled with a deep, gritty bassline and retro vocal stabs. Seth Vogt Remix provides a peak-time bouncy and uplifting interpretation with a wicked groove and sexy synth stabs and Duane Barry Remix also pays homage with a dreamy progressive breaks mix using sounds sourced from classic analogue equipment such as the Jupiter 8, CS-80 and Prophet 5.

1. Broken Chord (Original Mix)
2. Broken Chord (Seth Vogt Remix)
3. Broken Chord (Duane Barry Remix)


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