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> > 1. Digital Witchcraft- Brindavan (Opek)
> > 2. KVK- Reality Theory
> > 3. Infusion- Dead Souls (Marine Parade)
> > 4. Naveen G- Keeper of Five
> > 5. Precision- White Man
> > 6. Momu- Donner Pass
> > 7. Parade- Back in the Day
> > 8. Steiger- Wak
> > 9. Hellpass- Twister
> > 10. NY Connection- I Want It (Lauretec breaks mix)
> > 11. Infusion- Legacy (Junkie XL Mix) (Audiotherapy)
> > 12. Steiger- Wormhole
> > 13. Smight- Austin Nite Life
> > 14. Chuck N Roll- Jondi mix (Looq)
> > 15 Virgin Souls-Personality (James Zabiela mix) (FFRR)
> > 16 Grayarea- Yewminst (hope)
> > 17 Jake Todd- Diatribe
> > 18. Mitch Wells- Broken Voodoo
> > 19. Yothu Yindi- Timeless Land (Wrecked Angle mix)
> > 20 Lovesky- Come Back to Me (sunburn)

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Fvcking hell man - I assume they must all be kicking - not even heard of most of them let alone heard the actual tracks.

Where do you get all your breaks from ?

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mostly NOT from the shops which is the sad thing.

alot comes from unsigned artists in the US and Australia. We need more in the shops this year if this scene is to expand as much as it deserves too.

Its a global phenomenon now but if I had a pound for everytime someone asked me after a set ' where can i buy this music' id be a rich man.

There is a big gap in the market. Lots of people want to buy progressive/intelligent breaks but until more labels get on it their demand will remain largely unsatisfied.

Developements are encouraging tho- eg Marine Parade signed Infusions Dead Souls which is exactly the sound Im talking about. Also Bedrock Breaks have picked up Momu's Donner Pass.

So people are starting to slowly get there. Just its gonna be a while before other pick up on it.

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jon, how do you rate nuddles - "locked on" and the meat katie mix of stephane k's - "numb"

i would put these in the progressive breaks side of things, and i think they are both good records as well.

I know you hear the music............ but are you listening???

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Personal opinion here but the Nuddles tune is a mix filler - a tool - nothing more - and that's a shame.  If Bedrock Breaks have signed Mumo's "Donner Pass" for release then that is when the label will really take off - f#cking hell is that a tune.

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Confused about this release . . .

Listened to it at the w/end in town. Pop the A-side on . . . "Bedrock breaks" and it's 4/4 . . . err - ok . . . not bad but still 4/4 . . .

put the flip on and it's classic Meat Katie breaks/house hybrid thing that's useful as a mix tool or a filler but not much else . . .

Have to be honest I left it in the shop . . . didn't pull up any trees for me I'm afraid. Disappointed because some of the breaks stuff Digweed has been playing has been amazing - not this though.

For me it would have made more sense to have Pole Folder's 'Dust' as the first Bedrock BREAKS release because (funnily enough) it is actually PROPER breaks !!

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Have to agree with the comments on the first release. Should definitely have been Pole Folder. I hope people who make these decisions read this (not Jon obviously as I know where hes coming from) as the first record on any label should set the standard. I picked this up for

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not sure of the schedule but I can confirm that the beautiful Donner Pass will be in the same package as the amazing Sunsicle (2 mixes- a brand new mix from Momu themselves).

Now thats what I call a package.

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