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' there is no reason why one day good breaks tracks should not sell as many units as good prog tracks'. Discuss.

My view is this:

I love breakbeats. I mean I really love 'em.But I was a die hard progressive head, seeing Sasha + then Digweed most weekends from 1991 to 1996. I bought the 1st ever prog track when it came out (Leftfields Not Forgotten). Although I loved the progreesive sound from that era I always played and loved breakbeats, whether hip hop between 1986- 1989, rave breaks around 89-91, 'progressive breaks' like for example Joey Beltrams mix of I Control the Party, Marathon, Papua New Guinea, Circuit's Shelter Me etc or the more nu skool sound from 96ish.

So my point is: if someone like me can love breaks so much as I do I cant see why the new generation of prog heads shouldnt like breaks as much. So long as the tracks are right.

I want to see these prog heads, and there are millions of them worldwide, buying breaks as well as prog. I want to see the break scene have more fans, more sales, more clubs, more djs, more press and mostly importantly, more music.

I really dont see why it shouldnt. Almost every time i play to a prog crowd at least one person says ' i didnt like breaks before but i do now'. The most exciting part of this is that producers are now starting to say this to me.

So what are your views on this? Do you think my vision is unrealistic? If you agree with me, do what me and my mates are doing and trying to convert people to our sound. You go into most dance record shops and, as i do everytime, ask for a pile of breaks and a pile of prog and the prog pile is always 10 times as big as the breaks pile. I think thats wrong.


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a big issue in the usa is that for some people's first exposure to breaks is to the florida breaks sound, which is very cheesy.  lots of prog/house heads are really uninformed when it comes to listening to quality breaks. 

if you read the technical parts of any of these larger message board, there are always questions asking how to mix breaks by someone who is used to spinning strictly 4/4 material.  the fact that these people dont realize that breaks are counted in 4/4 as well with a movement of the snare blows my mind.  to me, that stuff is music 101.

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hahahahaha !!

yeah class - I've heard kids asking that before . . . jesus christ . . .

Pheonaphan - very true about the Florida breaks stuff mate (although there are the odd tunes from Icey and Infiniti (is he from Florida ?) that are ok) . . . similar in the UK in that kids think there's the 'scare-everyone-off-the-dancefloor' type breaks and nothing else.

Obviously here we're talking about a sound that takes elements of Florida (well - RITM anyway !), elements of prog and elements of nu skool so you get the natural organic funk of a breakbeat, the soul of textured melodies that you can get in relaly well made musical prog, and a bit of sub-bass to give you a right old WHALLOP up the arse !

so the truth is that these kids just need to hear these records - they've not been exposed to 'em before other than Diggers or Splasha dropping one breakbeat tune out of 40 in their sets . . . Sasha is particularly bad - having made an album of superb intelligent breaks he continues to play straight 4/4 - hardly even varying from the "tried and teseted / keep the kids happy" formula . . . Hypocrisy if you ask me . . .

100% breaks probably isn't the way either and I'm not getting into a debate on the cosmological significance of how a drum beat is programmed - I like to drop the odd (I stress - odd !) 4/4 track into me sets but breaks are the future kids . . .

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i think the best sets i heard last year were by digweed, zabiela, and burridge.  and a HUGE reason that i liked those so much (aside from technical brilliance from each of them) was the fact that they played house AND breaks. 

variety is the spice of life.....i say mix it up, keep it fresh.

I know you hear the music............ but are you listening???

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I reckon it can be done. I've always loved proggy stuff, but went through a phase of being really into crazy bouncey breaks. Now I'm finding that there are more and more tunes that blend the two together - the chunkiness of breaks with the swooshiness of prog.

I think in the UK most people still expect breaks to sound either really dark and hard like drum n bass, or like bigbeat. Not enough people know the housier, more progressive sound - which everyone loves when they do hear it. I'm very glad to hear more house people putting breaks into their sets and productions. Everyone will be convinced eventually.

It's a strange opposite here in Sydney. I played some people a breaks mix I did and they all commented on how housey and proggy it was - they're all used to breaks being pure party stuff. They were surprised that prog could actually be worth listening to. I tell ya, it's the crossing over of prog and breaks that's eventually going to bring the whole world together. smile

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its all down to personal taste..i know all the styles of breaks that are out there....but i love the dark stuff....a la koma and bones

its just personal taste


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When I got into dance music it was because the beats moved my feet AND because the music moved my emotions.  Nowadays very little 'prog - 4/4' does so but there's loads and loads of quality breakbeat music that does.

If bigger record sales means more producers means more records then I'd love to see it - obviously it'd mean there be more cr@p to wade through to find the gems but that's half the fun isn't it ?!

What it needs it either more DJs to take a risk again - like they used to - the point above about Sasha is very valid in my opinion.  Anybody else like to wind back to '96 when Sasha was dropping N.E. breaks tracks in with his N.E. 4/4 stuff?  He could kick start the whole thing with another mix album of similar quality breakbeat stuff if you ask me.

Or we need promoters who'll take the chance and give the floor to less well known DJs who are pushing the quality breakbeat sound AND closing the gaps between the musical styles.  2003 will be an interesting year I feel.

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for Sasha to do another breaks mix a la NE2 - now that would really be something. Because :

a) every producer who hears about it will be making breaks tracks to try and get Sasha to put them on the mix. ie. More tunes.
b) coz at last someone will focus on good melodic mixing and careful programming rather than just beat matching (which let's face it, far too many breaks DJ's are guilty of) . . .

Actually - that's not  fair - there are far too many 'big name' jocks whose beat matching leaves a f##k of a lot to be desired - let alone their ability to mix melodically or programme skillfully . . . a certain Mr Lisle on this board could bloody well teach 'em a thing or two . . .

Mr Lisle - if youread this - just got a copy of your Bedrock Brighton mix.
It's f##king BEAUTIFUL man . . . and it's only a warm up !!

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There are some more thoughts on this on this here. … D=22.topic

I would love for Sasha to do another album in the same vein as Northern Exposure 1 or 2. Your right it would do so much for breaks. Thing about NE2 is that when it came out, it was poorly received by a lot of the critics who had their heads up their arses at the time. Also a lot of the tracks were rare when the mix came out, so it didn't really showcase that many new tunes. Producers didn't catch on the vibe on this CD an it was the more trancey sound on the other CD which caught on. I think this CD is so far ahead of its time that not enough people really got it, which is a shame. It would be nice to see more prog DJs blending breaks into their mix CDs as well as four four.

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i agree a new sasha/digweed breaks based NE would be nice but I think Airdrawndagger helped the cause alot more than another mix cd would. John should do more breaks as well...Forge is exactly where Im coming from.

its funny how the same magazines who slagged NE off at the time now hail it as a classic.

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Airdrawndagger didn't get the best reviews either and its not quite the complete album I hoped it would be. Still annoyed they left Cloud Cuckoo off the vinyl version and gave the version on the CD the worst possible outro to mix out of.