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DSUK034 | Nathaniel Ecko - Alchemist

After gracing us in 2010 with "Nightshade", Chris Nemmo returns to DSUK under his more film-orientated project Nathaniel Ecko. First up is the epic progressive breaks "Nemmotronic Mix" with gorgeous strings, twisted transformer bass and synth stabs and banging beats that wouldn't sound out of place in any Hollywood blockbuster. Progressive breaks legend Fretwell provides a wonderful remix essential to any melodic breaks set and finally fellow countryman Niko Leone gives us his beautiful downtempo interpretation perfect for any filmscore sets or as an interesting intro track. Also included is the Original Mix which, due to it's length will be a free download come release date.

1. Alchemist (Nemmotronic Mix)
2. Alchemist (Fretwell Remix)
3. Alchemist (Niko Leone Remix)
4. Alchemist (Original Mix) Free


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I have checked out this stuff on youtube also, Its really awesome stuff by Nathaniel Ecko. I am speechless.

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wow, great stuff