Topic: [LDN] 16.6,12 Wiggle - Vincenzo (Poker Flat / Mobilee) 380 feet up!

Wiggle - Saturday 16th June 2012

Vincenzo (Mobilee / Poker Flat / Dessous / Berlin)
Dave Congreve (Leftroom / Soma)
Nathan Coles
Eddie Richards

After a brilliant 18th birthday knees up, waking up three days later face down in an ashtray and smelling like a pub carpet… we decided it was only right to crack right back on again!…. just like the fresh faced 19 year old that Wiggle's just become!

So onwards and upwards again… Yes you've guessed it! Our next fiesta takes place back high in the sky, at what's arguably one of London's highest venues and with a backdrop like no other!

We're not holding back on on our line up for this little puppy, so we've secured the turntable skills
of two seriously mind warping Dj's / Producers as our headliners for yet another fun fuelled fiesta!

Needs little introduction, spotted early on in his career by none other than Steve Bug, this very talented producer residing in Berlin, has been one busy man with releases on ground breaking labels, Poker Flat, Mobilee, Dessous, Playhouse, Liebe Detail and to many more to mention. To get a taste of whats in store for us while we're getting wiggy jiggy in the sky, get your lug holes round this live mix recorded in New York and we're sure you'll be just as excited as we are. … 11-09-2010

Dave Congreve
From kick-starting pivotal nights at Venus in the early 90s - Dave went onto help shape the post acid-house clubbing era in the Midlands, predominantly through his residency at seminal Nottingham club The Bomb. During this six year stint he recruited and span alongside: Derrick Carter, Laurent Garnier, Andrew Weatherall, Derrick May, Carl Craig and Harvey quickly earning him a reputation as one of the finest and most important residents in the UK. constantly indulging his lust to rub shoulders with a vast melting pot of musical minds. Latest projects combine his talents remixing for the legendary Andrew Weatherall and exciting new material with Marc Ashken and his latest release on Leftroom was heavily supported by Eddie Richards , Nathan Coles, Stacey Pullen, Luciano and Danny Tenaglia.

11pm - 7am

101-103 New Oxford Street
London WC1A 1DD

The Wiggle's at Paramount have been selling out faster and faster, so don't hang about!

Limited £12 Early Bird tickets are on sale now

Advance tickets £15 and more on the door


Re: [LDN] 16.6,12 Wiggle - Vincenzo (Poker Flat / Mobilee) 380 feet up!

Only 3 weeks to go and tickets going fast smile

Re: [LDN] 16.6,12 Wiggle - Vincenzo (Poker Flat / Mobilee) 380 feet up!

Just over a week to go now smile

Re: [LDN] 16.6,12 Wiggle - Vincenzo (Poker Flat / Mobilee) 380 feet up!

Oki Pokie! Tickets really going bonkers now for Wiggle with three more days to go! We've just confirmed that our after party's gonna be with our lovely friends.. Jaded @ Cable. If you wanna be on the £7 Wiggle list and get an earful of Martin Buttrich live, Gregor Tresher and more.... email your names here: