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Available to buy now is the long awaited new album from Peter Paul - Apocalypse. After  it's presentation at Breakspoll 2012 and many of the greatest Breaks festivals in Spain, finally it's out in it's complete form. 15 original tracks and 5 bonus tracks are available exculsively on Beatport, and soon in the rest of digital retailers under the N-Mity Sound imprint.

Epic, vanguard, original, and inspired are the best four words to describe the album, each track has it's own story to tell, of the world in which it was created, it's of a special kind, a unique sound, innovative and heavy. A complete album at 100%, designed from the purest inspiration, from the past, in the present, and for the future, a new sound in Breaks and in Electronic music. this is the type of album that will not be out of fashion in 5 years time and will mark a new direction. Included are 7 vocal tracks and an elegant display perfect in style.

Out now exclusive on Beatport:

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Now in Juno Download and Trackitdown: … 15695.html

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