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Perfecto Breaks

I know you hear the music............ but are you listening???

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Rennie & Perfecto ?!?!? . . .

err . . . ok . . . Despite similarly dodgy mixing abilities (sorry Rennie but  thats' your only failing) to Oakenpants. what the f##k is the link between Perfecto and Rennie ???

f##k all except Oakenpants trying to cash in on another genre - trance breaks anyone ? Funk dat. Anyone catch the article with Freeland where he pointed out that Oakenfold said "All I play is breaks now" (which, incidentally when I saw/laughed at him at GCSSS last year he didn't manage to do in between the EXACT same trance fodder he always plays) and Freeland said "I challenge Paul Oakenfold to mix two breaks records together". Exactly.

I got nothing against Rennie, on the contrary in fact - anyone who loved their breaks owes him a lot. I just assume he's already been paid by Perfecto so PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS RECORD !

I'm sure this offends inumerable people but ask yourself a question - do you want a muppet like Oakenfold trying to get his claws into breaks ? Blatant case of him trying to buy credibility by getting Rennie on board.

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perfecto release a breaks album... oakenfold fans buy it out of interest... some new people are exposed to breaks and find it new and refreshing... intellegent breaks bloke gets pissed off cause he was into breaks first...


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appreciate what you're saying monkey tennis but you've missed the point entirely.

this is all about getting more prog and maybe even trance heads into the breaks sound that they WILL love - they just don't know it yet.

what this is most definitely NOT all about is one-up-manship.

However I draw the line at Perfecto getting involved. I wasn't impressed their Lee Coombs thing came out and even less impressed that they've decided to get Rennie Pligrem on board to try and gain respect.

Look at every Perfecto release for the last f##k knows how long - would you want to be associated with 90% chart fodder that'll dissappear up it's own ar#se as quickly as it arrived ? No.

Perfecto's early history is less grating - from the early Grace stuff to the remixes (they grate now but were wonderful back then). Following on from that their input to the dance scene has been completely negative and most of what they touch stinks.

so yeah - I'm getting on my high horse but only because a business like Perfecto has no interest in music or the scene or any of that. They're interested in cold hard cash and they see breaks as the all singing, all dancing "New Business Opportunity" . . .

If anyone intends to stand up for this release (like you monkey tennis) then please answer the following question :

What the f##k have Perfecto ever done for breakbeat ?

And to those who say this is a personal vendetta against Oakenfold, I'm not going to argue. Fat hairy clueless malicious monkey boy egomaniac.

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the pmt mix of "the word" is nice

I know you hear the music............ but are you listening???

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i'm not standing up for the album and i'm not dissing it either, it really doesn't bother me either way and arguements could (and hopefully won't) go on and on forever.

i see where you're coming from with the 'what have perfecto done for breaks' line. breaks hardly fits in with all their label stands for.
but there is the 'getting the breaks sound out there' angle too.

and what about rennie himself? why is he doing a mix album for them?
- personal gain?
- to promote perfecto?
whatever his reasons, even if just to bag the cash, it forms part of the arguement for the albums existence.