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Progress in a particular location can be based on the infrastructure that houses it. Wide streets, beautifully built overpasses, bridges, high quality and long Skyways and winding roads and overpasses are public infrastructure. All are designed to carry from one place to another to do so in a very fast and efficient. Now adequate coverage in these cities during the night, is not necessary. Street lighting used in one or both feet. The lamps are very important, not only to ensure the provision of adequate lighting, the environment, but also for the safety of persons on the night of the incident as an attack, a car accident theft, etc.

Part of the development in the light of a city is reduced using modern lighting, the city consumes a very large portion of the light energy in the system, while providing a better quality of light possible. For this reason, LED  technology has version  much more efficient street lighting, LED lighting.

Why Upgrade to LED street lights? This type of lamp is known to function effectively. This replacement high efficiency of energy intensive incandescent, halogen and HID HIF. In addition, it has a directional light that is on the ground, unlike conventional lamps, light tends to efficiently dissipate some of the lights are directed to another location, so that only light wasted light energy. It also eliminates the reasons for using heat sinks and other cooling agents that emit heat, because it doesn  will only add to global warming. In addition, it produces light that doesn  glare doesn  arrhythmias and you can put eye irritant.

In addition to the above characteristics of LED , it also shows a number of advantages for the consumer. It has a long life, life finally 13 years. Unlike its conventional counterpart, it is not prone to breakage. In the light it creates, it can provide up to eight times more brightness than its counterpart. This uniform brightness, creating some of the dark areas in the sources. As it undergoes caused by vehicles and the constant dust through nature populated environment, it doesn  absorb dust and therefore a gradual impact on the quality of the light, as he is old, because it is a low voltage operational functions are eliminated. LED manufacturers claim that this type of lighting can provide significant energy savings in approximately 50-70% of operating costs. The operation of this doesn  need to use a time delay. It is also true, and bright colors at night because of its unique color index.

Therefore, the practical advantages, cities and more countries now make a change in the lighting of conventional lighting to LED lighting. LED technology is the development of energy efficiency and increasing the quality of lighting in the world will continue to be as cold as possible.

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