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Funny blurb...

Some of the old bastards in here might actually soil their incontinence pants at this (he says, typing from the bog) … -2001-king

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Did KU ever win the EM of the year and the same night play at Tangled (which i attended) or was I dreaming that?

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Is this the Shrewsbury KU essential mix?

Part of the problem

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Haven't heard I Feel Love for years!

Obscene, dirty, filthy, immoral.  Ah yeah.

Bringing back some good memories this mix.

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Good comments on the Soundcloud page too;

take your mind back to july 2001; dark tribal prog rules britain's superclubs & britain's sound rules the world. berlin is not yet officially cool, cigarettes are smoked on dancefloors, dance music slower than 125 bpm is punishable by death & deadmau5 has not yet been born; it is a time of great joy.

the scene is a room full of samplers, synthesizers & class c narcotics - it is chong's palace studio (mark II), lair of king unique & sweating over a remix are two young men called matthew.

ring ring!... ring ring!...ring r-

KU: "hello?"

BBC: "hello it's the bbc here, can i speak to someone from king unique please"

KU: "oh, right - um hello"

BBC: "right - you know how we asked if you'd do a king unique essential mix in the autumn for us?"

KU: "err, yes"

BBC: "well, would you like to do it a bit sooner than we discussed? quite a lot sooner in fact?"

KU: "um... maybe?"

BBC: "great! the thing is (NAME REMOVED AT BBC LAWYER'S INSISTENCE) promised us a mix months ago & they've just told us it won't be ready after all. so you'd be doing us a huge favour if you stepped in"

KU: "right. just out of interest did ali & sharam say why they couldn't do it?"

BBC: "i couldn't possibly comment"

KU: "i see. well, we are insanely busy but we'd obviously like to help.... how soon were you thinking? this month or next?"

BBC: "oh definitely this month. in fact, um, more like, you know, er, this week actually"

KU: "this week!!!!????"

BBC: "...................... yes. by friday night in fact."

KU: "& you're aware that today is wednesday????!!"

BBC: "............................................ yes."

KU: "!"

so there you have it, the behind the scenes story of how we came to turn round our first essential mix in under 72 hours from a standing start, armed only with a mountain of vinyl, several samplers & a huge computer struggling to run 4 channels of pro-tools with less than half the power of a current iphone. this is King Unique Broadcast 0 if you like, the first time we hit the airwaves & not a bad way to start smile

to add to the nostalgia i've included the handy cassette case with tracklisting that Mixmag used to print each month for all the home-tapers out there - if you'd told us about Soundcloud back then we'd have burnt you as a witch.

enjoy the flashback wink

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Nice to hear Drax n Gooding - Guam again, used to cain that........still have it on vinyl somewhere

"eunuch jelly thou!"