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Had one in white and red.....hard plastic seat with holes in ......ouch

"eunuch jelly thou!"

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I'm getting Crossfire and - if I'm really good - Operation.

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sabotini wrote:
Laughing Jack wrote:

Who is that bloke who is meant to be the best skateboarder and snowboarder in the whole world? Bet he punches above his weight if I remember the mug on him.

Lol at Starcreeper popping ollies with his pencil case chum.

Shaun White? He's a total chump though, just corks about in the pipe with no particular style. About as un-core as it gets, private halfpipes built by chewing gum sponsors... fuck off.

That's the fella, makes me wish I had put in the practice on that Turbo 2 skateboard I got for Xmas 87. I put some acid drop wheels on it, well Rad.

Jack is back baby.....

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this is me the other day...

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Amps wrote:

He's an ok skater basically doing what Rodney Mullen did a good twenty years earlier but with a bigger budget and HD cameras.

Very nice but wouldn't be allowed to lace Rodders boots, who basically invented skating whilst nobody noticed. 360 pressure flips in 83? Nobody else was doing them for another ten years :

Chris Haslam is the man of the moment though, technical shit plus big steps / rails and he looks like a hobo:

The one foot rail slide and the nose grind front foot flip of being mad as fuck.

Dave: havent seen that in years, still boss.

Is removing Duct tape from fingers really a skill?

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Hilarious skate 'in joke'.

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I used to be a skater too. From the age of 13 to 16. Gave up not because I grew up or some nonsense, but because I was shit at it. Those were still summers I'm nostalgic over.

All the hipsters in Finland now have long boards. Is that a thing elsewhere?

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Wish I was old and a little sentimental.

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Very nice, but you dont need a long board for all that: