Topic: your feedback requested


We are a GOA psytrance group "ELECTRO ILLUSION"
from Los Angeles, California USA.

Could anyone please give us some feedback on our website?


Re: your feedback requested

Thats the first time a website has actually given me a headache!

Shake your shammy like a bitch on heat!

Re: your feedback requested

Sheesh... a headache?  you can't be serious!  Parties and dance clubs have loud music and multi-colored flashing lights so I suppose you get a headache everytime you go out. 

We asked for feedback and you responded to the posting within like 2 seconds so you couldn't possibly have had time to really look at the site.
If you are blazing through webpages that fast it's no wonder you have a headache.  Slow down and enjoy life man!

Could we get some REAL feedback now?


Re: your feedback requested

Your site is Awesome!  Very psychedelic and interesting, I like the little animated movies in the listen section.

chill out and smoke a joint GECKO!  :pimp

This site is definitely cool !

Re: your feedback requested

Please don't take this the wrong way. I'm not trying to be rude...

The site looks pretty well put together, however I don't like music to load when I'm browsing a web page. Most of the time when I'm crusin' the net, I'm listebing to mp3's, (like Steve Porters' new kiss100 mix... smile ). When I hit a site that has music playing, it totally interrupts what I'm listening to. If you must have music playing, I would suggest a very noticeable mute button on the page. I didn't notice one in the short time I was on your site, so I ended up closing it immediately... sorry.

my two cents,

Michael lanning - Brahma
Sentient Audio Collective

Re: your feedback requested

o.k. ... I wasn't playing anything else today, so I went and checked out your site again. It's beautiful, and very creative :!:  You did an excellent job of portraying who you are, and what you are about through this media. I especially liked how the eggs cracked on the listen buttons... well done.  big_smile

- Michael

Michael lanning - Brahma
Sentient Audio Collective

Re: your feedback requested

Hi Michael, thanks for checking out our site!  We appreciate your feedback and compliments.  For those that still have AOL dial up  :shock: the Flash MX videos in the Listen section take extremely long to load  sad but we are working on optimizing that, so if anyone knows anything about how to optimize Flash files for AOL please email us.  Meanwhile we now have 3 full length songs for everyone to check out on Here's the link: … usion.html

"Scorpio Sun" - PsyTrance gets more intense after about 2 minutes into it.

"The Future Is Atlantis" - Melodic Trance with Psychedelic Rock influence.

"Feel The Rage" - a dance Club style track.