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MattBlack wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Did Holden even have a prog period, thought he went straigh from trance to his balance 5 stuff.

He flirted with it briefly in the early 2000's

Exhibit A: … mes-holden

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Jimmy boy giving it a bit of chit chat- … es-holden/

"I always took melodies for granted,like I can just shit out a melody.I don't really need to work at that".

Yes you bloody well do.

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well its certainly different

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smallman1 wrote:

As soon as Holden ditched playing prog house, he was dead to me.

True.  I think he's trying to stay relevant and avant guard - but sadly, to his own self inflicted demise.  He could have easily taken the Guy J, Babicz, or Saiz route...but oh no...I'm fucking James Holden - I'm the shit - I'm a super mathematics Cambridge scholar who attended classes in my robe - I even have my own genre: James Holden techno.  Bloody Christ have truly disappeared up your own ass and been vomited on top of your intellectual porridge.

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