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we are proud to present one of the most important releases of the year for Young NRG Productions. Earth Remix - a great partnership with large-djproducer directly from Spain, England, Canada, Italy, Germany.
OUT NOW Geon - McTwist - Jazz K Lipa - The Random Scarves - Stex - Earth (Remixes) - In top100 breakchart

Review by Juno plus: The uber-prolific Stex wraps up his planet series with a clutch of killer remixes of his cut n' choppy "Earth". Geon goes straight for the breakbeat G-spot with a pumping tech funk remix that's not dissimilar to Elite Force's material, McTwist's remix opts for a more playful jam with a killer build up and a classic Finger Lickin' style bass riff, Jazz K Lipa's rendition is more contemporary with plenty of high-end bleeps and whistles while The Random Scarves give it a beastly 4/4 electro facelift.

- NRGERMXVA - Young NRG Productions

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