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On the evidence of this I should be dj'ing further afield than my own armchair/bedroom.. Kumquat/Millsy etc eat your hearts out. Apologies to the Sasha miserabilists - I quite like the Healing.

Beacon - Bring You Back
XX - Reunion (Ame Remix)
Frankie Watch - Geiri (Nice7 remix)
Michael Mayer - Roses (Terranova mix)
My Favourite Robot - Looking For Frost
Anthony Middleton - Till The End Of
Dinky - Falling Angel (Matthew Styles Remix)
Butch Hohberg - Horus
Nicco - It's Over (Oxia Remix)
Hot Since 82 - Leave Me
Jimmy Van M - Dreams
Dusky - What I Never Knew
Fabio Gianelli - Maintain (M.A.N.D.Y Remix)
Stefan Z - Someone Else
Isolee - Dennis (Ripperton 8 Wheels Remix)
Shakes Milano - Awake (Alexander Maier Remix)
Huxley - Let It Go
Fritz Kalkbrenner - Little By Little
James Zabiela - The Healing (Sasha Involv3r mix)
Garbage - Queer (Rabbit In The Moon Heftybag mix)
Chemical Brothers - Out Of Control

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Nice tl mate. Ill be listening fo sho mofo

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Re: Jules mix Summer 2013

Looks good will have a listen after millsy's mix has finished

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cheers gents