Topic: CJay Swayne 'Obscure' (Sounds of Juan)

SOJ120 CJay Swayne "Obscure" out now on Sounds of Juan - part of the Endemic Digital Inc family. With remixes from JCruz, Patternpusher and Tom Perry

With support from Stacey Pullen, Robert Owens, Spesh, Kevin Shiu, Gareth Whitehead, Tini Tun, Farfan, Sasha Le Monnier and many more!!


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1 CJay Swayne - Obscure (Original Mix)
2 CJay Swayne - Obscure (JCruz Remix)
3 CJay Swayne - Obscure (Patternpusher Remix)
4 CJay Swayne - Obscure (Tom Perry Remix)

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Wez Saunders