Topic: DBS October mix (link fixed)

Now that the copyright issue has been addressed (and a massive "fuck off" to both Soundcloud and MediaFire for their part), my October mix is now up & running, albeit with a somewhat shortened introduction. Download available on the Soundcloud page.

1-Banco de Gaia-Heliopolis (Silinder Remix)
2-Uvo-In My Dreams (Vipul Remix) [Balkan Connection]
3-Dirty Rhythm Syndicate-Null & Void (Ramiro Bernabela Remix) [Audio Bite]
4-Dzeta & Basile-Above (Silicone Soul's Hypnohouse Dub Mix) [Haiti Groove Recordings]
5-Minilogue-Doiicie A [Minilogue]
6-Toti, Pereira, Valentin De Moreda & Stefan Naimor-Ready [Tokyo Red Recordings]
7-Plasmik-Eight To Nine (Anja's Tabledance Mix) [Connaisseur Recordings]
8-Paul Hazendonk-Slack Tide (Guy Mantzur & Khen Remix) [Hope Recordings]
9-Code Talkers-Relax A Little [Particles]
10-@U-All I've Ever Known [Phil Kieran Recordings]
11-Sandro Schaufler feat. Zovsky-Every Day (Radio Mix) [Acker Records]

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Still Bedrocker after all these years.....

Re: DBS October mix (link fixed)

*bump* since I have a snowball's chance in hell of competing with the Burridge mix post...

Still Bedrocker after all these years.....