Topic: Omauha - Morphosis [Album]

SoundCloud: … -morphosis

Release Date: 18 November 2013
Label: Morphosis Records
Genre: Progressive Breaks

Omauha's second artist album "Morphosis" out now exclusively on Beatport! One of the fastest rising, up and coming progressive breaks producers delivers the goods with this eight track album filled with his signature sounds, blissful melodies, deep and aggressive bass-lines layered with lush, subtle textures, infused with floating arps and sliced to perfection vocal edits. From the first track to the last, Omauha takes you on a journey through epic sound design from track to track, surprising you with breathtaking breakdowns and energetic peaks creating a happy medium of progressive and club-friendly breaks. Collision is simply a work of art to say the least; an artist displaying nothing more than true emotion and creativity through music.

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01.Collision (Original Mix) [08:27]
02.Rebellion (Original Mix) [06:52]
03.Flaming Dragons (Original Mix) [07:00]
04.Old School (Original Mix) [06:41]
05.Part Of Me (Original Mix) [06:09]
06.Morphosis (Original Mix) [07:15]
07.No Place Better Than Home (Original Mix) [07:08]
08.Star Traveller (Original Mix) [10:12]

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