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Blue Amazon - Paradise Regime
Matthew Dekay - If I Could Fly
Petrichor - On Tides
Johnny Belinda - Active Child (Matthew Dekay mix)
Disclosure - Help Me Lose My Mind (Paul Woolford mix)
Bondax - Giving It Away (Friend Within mix)
Adam Beyer - You Know
Ten Walls - Requiem
Atlas - Compass Error (Tarantella vs Redanka mix)

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Well if Steve Angello can do it.....

this mix has made a boring morning of number crunching that bit more bearable - cheers!, some lovely tracks in there

"eunuch jelly thou!"

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thanks for taking the trouble to give it a spin


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I'll give this a whirl Strudders.

Like look of the track listing.

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a couple of dodgy mixes - but that's cos i couldn't cue properly

some ace tracks on there tho IMHO

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No bother chief.

So long as it's muscular and heaving I couldn't give a stuff about a few trainers in the washing machine.