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Norman Jay... Up On The Roof (Day) /
After Dark with Marshall Jefferson

Bank Holiday Sunday 4th May
The Prince Of Wales

(formerly Brixton Clubhouse)

£10/12/14 ADVANCE / MOTD
Tickets Available from:

Norman Jay (3 hr Good Times Set)
D.Vyzor. Rob Alldritt. Rich T

Marshall Jefferson
Colin Dale. Simon Boi. Neil Davies

Rich Smith. Grant Nichols. Matt Tanner

Bar Room:
Hosted by Detached

For the first UOTR of the summer, we are joined by once again by none other than Mr Norman Jay.

As the Good Times founder, Member of the British Empire and all round good egg, Norman has represented the entire spectrum of black music, from soul, funk, disco, reggae and jazz, right through to the more contemporary sounds of house, garage and drum'n'bass.

Norman's legendary Good Times sound system, has been the go-to spot at Europe's largest street party, the Notting Hill Carnival, for 30 years.

Good Times was THE party that changed the face of the Notting Hill Carnival and which has become a summertime fixture at festivals worldwide. Jay set up his first sound system, Great Tribulation, in 1979 with his brother Joey, which became Good Times in 1981, the start of a 30-year residency at Notting Hill Carnival. Norman changed the face of the music played there, introducing a range of gritty, soulful styles to complement the predominantly reggae-based sound systems. The move paved the way for the open-minded Carnival we know today, with Good Times still at its core.

After dark and in the club we welcome legendary Chicago house producer Marshall Jefferson. One of the original innovators in Chicago house, Marshall Jefferson had a hand in several of the music’s most influential early tracks. As a solo act, he recorded 1986’s “Move Your Body” – subtitled and unanimously acclaimed “The House Music Anthem.” He also helped record Phuture’s “Acid Tracks”, the first and best acid-house single. Later, amidst a wave of acid-inspired records, he grew tired of the sound and moved into a more spiritual form of music later termed deep house; and along with Larry Heard, he became one of it’s best producers.

Support across the venue comes from Colin Dale, D.Vyzor, Rob Alldritt and more. Detached host the Bar Room.

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Just over 2 weeks to go until the first Up On The Roof of the summer... great vid here courtesy of Anomalous Visuals from last summer!


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Listen Back to Marshall Jefferson in the mix for Mixmag: … in-the-mix

Sunday advance tickets are sold out - Very limited number available on the door from 2pm.

We also have a short run of nighttime only tickets available from RA for entry only after 11pm - Marshall Jefferson will be playing in the club after midnight.