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Hi new board members, my name is CJ and I from the UK. I am a music connoisseur of some distinction who has been a fan of John Digweed for about 20 years after purchasing JDJ 4 (The Silky Mix).

There has been a feeling recently that this board has not been as friendly or welcoming as it could be, but I want you to know that this is the start of a new, brighter era for this place, right here, right now. Those bad, old nasty days are behind us.

Please do get involved and share your love of music, or whatever else with us. Come and meet some of the strange wildlife that has evolved in this peculiar little corner of cyberspace. I think you'll find it's quite a special ecosystem, with some very rare specimens.

And if there's anything you want to ask, but are too scared to? Just PM me. Discretion guaranteed.


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Take it you were out sat night then ??

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You went out over the weekend then? Living the dream.

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