Topic: Bedrock cd by DJ Sawa

I've found someone was asking about this cd @ the old message board. This is an official Bedrock cd by the Japanese DJ and released from Pioneer Japan, for introducing Bedrock to Japanese market. I've read Dave Seaman's interview for a Japanese magazine and he said he pretty likes this cd... and yes I like this deep and funky cd too.

I've found these links:
Pioneer Japan
DJ Sawa

You can get the cd from: & Mixed by DJ Sawa) … sawacom-20

Re: Bedrock cd by DJ Sawa

DJ Sawa put out a cd a fwe years ago with one of my tracks on it - I've been trying to track a copy down without any luck.  sad

Re: Bedrock cd by DJ Sawa

I didn't know anything about several of them... The DJ19 one, the WARP one... Worht a listen eh!